Sudden Learning

Salam ~ 안녕하세요 ~ Hello ~

Why with sudden learning?? Actually I realy like to watch korean variety show like Running Man, The Return of Supermen, 2days 1night and other variety that related with idol esp with YG family, so being international fans I need to wait translator or subbing team to upload with eng sub then i can understand what are they saying,it's already 3 years for me become kpop fans without understand any words in hangul, I use to write in roman like Annyeonghaseyo, kamsahamnida, eonni, nuna, oppa, hyung, jinjja, daebak, pabo but then 3 days ago i be like "why didn't I start learning hangul" so I can easily understand without waiting the subbing team right?? So i decided to learn korean use website and app on play store and many of my freind who take a korean class. I start to find any app did i can use to learn, I go search on play store "learning Korean hangul" then I got this hangul korean alphabet.

My freind brenda who is learning korean and know she is realy good at writing hangul advice me to start learning alphabet first so it will be easy for me,step by step i start to learn, it was so fan even I only learn thru website without take a korean class but now I can write some words in hangul, i'm so happy even I still can't understand everything but yes now I can write basic words where I always watch during variety show here the some word I can write by myself without copy paste okay! I use my hangul keyboard

아빠           → Appa
엄마           → Eoma
헝              → Hyeong
누나           →Nuna
오빠            →Oppa
오ㅓ니         →Eonni
동생            →Dongsaeng
정말            →Jeongmal
암영차세오  →Anyeonghasaeyo
감사함니다  →Kamsahamnida
짐싸            → Jinjja
바보            → Pabo
김한빈         →  Kimhanbin
하루            → Haru
하하            → HaHa
가 리           → Gary

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