Why i love? What i know? teamB?

I become this fandom since WIN era, it's been over 1 year right,and I realy miss it,actually during WIN era I like both team, but teamB take my attention the most coz of their powerful dance, they know how to having fun on their performance and they have a stronger hiphop feel, the most important is their hardworking & strong relationship, i'm so proud with Kim Hanbin aka B.I as the leader of teamB even, he not the oldest member, his leadership make all bigbang member & YG producer like B.I, he is talented kid, not jus being leader but rapper, dancer, lyricts and composer, He was 12 y/o when he first started training he also acknowledged to be the next GD,he was featured on MC MONG’s Indian Boy in 2009. Along with Kim Jiwon known as bobby the swagger hiphop and winner tittle of SMTM3, he also rapper with B.I also are lyricts and composer, who always help B.I to make a good music like WINNIN→CLIMAX→WAIT FOR ME→LONG TIME NO SEE→SINOSIJAK,bobby got praised by rappers Swing and Simon D, bobby from America, he entered YG in the beginning of 2011. The oldest member is Kim Jinhwan, but the shorter among member,he always got bully with other, fans call him as jinan,jinan is the main vocal, YG said he play role taeyang,not only can sing well but also can dance,jinan together with B.I and bobby the are longer trainees, become YG trainees since 2011,no wonder they confirm as iKON member, later I will update about iKON toninght will just talking about teamB.. 

 Koo Junhoe also the main voacal, he has power vocal even Zico of blockB say he looking forward over junhoe, acct june use to be dancer he appear at starking and dance Michel Jackson song,june was a contestant at SBS KPOPSTAR S1, june has been trainees under YG 2 and half year together with Yunhyeong also know as yoyo, june and yoyo join YG at the same day, Song Yunhyeong position is vocalist Originally signed up for acting but started training as a singer he use to be visual, he has soft high note, and lastly Kim Donghyuk known as Donghyuk also are vocalist,he sing realy well now even during WIN he not being fav over YG, but now he got praised by taeyang during last match singing taeyang song ENL, his dance is no joke, seems like pro dance, In March 2012, he won JYP’s Trainee Search Contest. He was also a member of the Def Music & Dance Academy and was recruited into YG on November of 2012 and become last member to join teamB.. It was sad when teamB lost over teamA who now become WINNER and debut with song by B.I and Bobby and self-written track call "EMPTY" But this year teamb once again drag by YG on survival show call as mix and match, all teamb member appear on this show including 3 new trainees. It was happy to see teamB again on broadcast but at the same time it was cruel and saddest over fans why?? I will update at the next entry ~~

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